Jeff Nieman is honored to have the support of a range of community leaders, elected officials and citizens, as well as over 70 local attorneys.

Jeff’s public endorsements include 36 current and former government officials:

“From the day I hired Jeff as an intern in the DA’s office 16 years ago to today, Jeff has proven his dedication to justice.  He is exactly what our community needs and deserves in its next District Attorney.

Carl Fox, retired Superior Court Judge and former District Attorney

“We need a District Attorney with both deep experience and shared values that reflect our community’s desire for continued progress in our criminal justice system. Jeff’s career track record and priorities of community, equity and justice give me confidence he will best represent Chatham and Orange Counties as DA.”

Ellie Kinnaird, former Carrboro Mayor and State Senator

“I have known Jeff for almost 20 years and followed his career closely. He has a proven track record of integrity and the fair administration of justice. Victims of violent crime, domestic abuse and sexual assault deserve an advocate like Jeff in the office of District Attorney.”

Phyllis Craig-Taylor, Professor and former Dean, NCCU School of Law

“Jeff cares deeply about the issues that I do– ending the criminalization of poverty, mass incarceration and racial disparities in the criminal justice system. He has focused on these issues throughout his career as Assistant DA, and I know he’ll continue to do so as our next District Attorney. He has my full support.”

Howard Lee, former Chapel Hill Mayor and State Senator

“I have known Jeff for over 20 years. In all that time, inside and outside of the courtroom, he has always treated everyone with respect. I know he will do the same as our District Attorney.”

Chris Brook, former NC Court of Appeals Judge

“Jeff’s commitment to justice in a way that is fair, transformative, and holistic is refreshing. There is no doubt that his leadership style is also a reflection of these values and inspires confidence among those who work alongside him.”

Nana Asante-Smith, Associate at Parker Poe and former intern in the District Attorney’s Office

I’ve known Jeff Nieman for a long time, and I can assure you he’s the real deal. He’s one of our leading action adults! Jeff is totally dedicated to the idea of fairness and equality for everyone, and I’m behind him 100%.

Ron Stutts, retired Host of the WCHL Morning News

Jeff is also proud to have the support of many community leaders and over 70 local attorneys. Additional public endorsements include:

Jeff has had the privilege of supervising interns who have gone on to varied careers as district attorneys, public defenders, private attorneys, judges and elected officials and is proud to have their support:

  • Maryam Al-Zoubi
  • Nana Asante-Smith
  • Linsy Wells Aul
  • Chris Barnes
  • Crystal Boni Carswell
  • Katrina Caseldine
  • Douglas Wink Coffey
  • Hilary Cooper
  • Michelle Cunningham
  • Meisha Evans
  • Jennie Glish
  • Keith Gordon
  • Brigid Grabert
  • Karl Gwaltney
  • Will Hendrick
  • John Holton
  • Tarik Jallad
  • Sora Lee
  • Brooks Pope Miller
  • Allison Rackley Moore
  • Hila Silverstein Moss
  • Justin Outling
  • Rhian Jenks Sigman
  • Katie Baker Webb
  • Astrid Whalen

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